Why you should opt for speech to text software?

The idea of saying something to a computer and seeing the words typed on that computer as you speak was only something you would see in science fiction movies. Believe it or not, this has become possible in the past few years. People can actually dictate something to a computer through a microphone attached to that device and the magic happens. In case you are one of those persons looking for speech to text software, you should start with some quick research on the Internet. Below are some great advantages of using such software to give you a clearer image about it.

Perfect for writers

Voice recognition software is a good choice for writers. Those who are in this business know how hard it is to write either a novel or a poem using just a pen and some sheets of paper. You have to strikethrough every now and then because you think that some words do not fit your writing the moment you reread what you have just written. Many writers who have tried speech to text software have seen its benefits. It is a lot easier to see how the text sounds like when you pronounce every word. Besides, writers save time with this because they do not have to write first and then read what they have written.

Doctors should opt for one too

This software is good for doctors too. When writing prescriptions, doctors waste precious time that could have been used to treat other patients. As a result, such software helps doctors treat more patients and even save more lives in the same amount of time. By dictating prescriptions to a computer, everything is simplified and more people have the chance to enter the doctor’s consultation room.

Suitable for disabled persons

Surely, voice recognition software is perfect for disabled persons too. In case some people have suffered unfortunate events and are not able anymore to use a computer properly the way they did in the past, this software is the perfect choice for them. It helps them to verify their e-mails or to browse the Internet without using a keyboard. This king of software is definitely helpful for these persons and makes their lives a lot easier.

Overall, speech to text software is an innovation for sure and those who have invented this device have definitely outdone themselves, because they have managed to ease the lives of many people

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