Why do gamers like to host Minecraft servers?

In the age if the Internet, there are many rules and regulations written down and each of them are applied or contested depending on what website you visit or which forum you subscribe to. For gamers, independent and competitive by nature, sticking with certain rules in the midst of playing their favourite game can sometimes prove to be very hard to achieve, which is precisely why there is a known tendency to create one’s own set of regulations and in-game worlds. If a player or a gaming fan wants to have more control over that world or influence the other players and members of the network, all that he or she would have to do is to create an individual server and let people join it. When you allow others to enter in a network which you have created, it is easier and more interesting for you to control the outcome of the game and gain more pleasure from the entire Minecraft experience. Power is everything in a game such as this and the competitive edge of some can very well come to light when they are limited or banned from certain servers or hosting solutions as a result of their behaviour. In order to bridge the gap between local area networks which are something of the past and the widely know, large scale servers where small users have no input,


Gaining influence is the key here. Everyone knows the perks of being a website or forum admin and this sort of benefits are extended when you host a server of your own as well. Why else would so many avid Minecraft fans go to websites selling these servers all the time? They even compare prices on a constant basis so that they can find the most affordable solution. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to host Minecraft server! Just by taking a quick look at one of the websites which provide these solutions, you will immediately understand why gamers love this option so much. Furthermore, there are many requests being received to moderate the behaviour of players or the content of the server, but if you are not its creator then that possibility is out of the question. In the eyes of all gamers, the fact that servers are privately run is an amazing achievement which allows them to dream that they will run their own one some day as well. And with prices being so low, that day could come sooner that they would have thought!


Minecraft has always been considered a game which appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, but because the Internet is very open and allows a large level of freedoms, users may often run into problems or start confrontations with other players. This is precisely where having your own server comes into place as you no longer depend on anyone or anything. Surely all the world’s gamers and fans of playing online know that all servers have to be governed by rules, but there is a certain thrill to creating your own ones, isn’t it? If only this could happen in the real world as well…

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