What to ask your mobile developer before hiring them

If you run a business where direct interaction with clients is mandatory, then you should probably know that customer service is the key to success. People have to stay informed and engaged and do this by the means of technology and gadgets. For this reason, if you do not have a mobile application yet, maybe it is time to give this idea a thought. Having an app dedicated to your company exclusively is a great opportunity to reach new markets and also increase your revenues. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are the devices where you are going to find most clients, so it would be a pity to miss this chance. Millions of individuals from all around the world are booking or purchasing goods and services via internet, which is why building a mobile app may be one of the most fruitful ideas at the moment. Hire a professional and they will take care of everything, but make sure they are one of the best mobile app developers in the area. Here are some of the most relevant questions you should ask before actually employing them:

Where can I see your previous work?

This question enables you to test them both personally and professionally. If you demand to see some examples of mobile apps they have previously developed, you get to see their reaction as well as their work. Qualified individuals will be fine with showing you some apps they have created, so that you can see by yourself whether their work is qualitative or not. If you cannot decide as far as their skills are concerned, at least you check their experience and vision by analyzing their applications.

Can I get a list of your other clients?

As same as with their previous works, you should also check their current and past business partners. If you are not quite sure yet that you are talking to the right person, talking to their ex clients can help a lot. You can ask about references or simply about their experience, because this way you can verify if they have really created the apps they showed you before. This way, you learn how reliable they are, if they respect deadlines and they deliver long lasting development. Again, if the candidate hesitates, then maybe you should move to the next person on your list. Checking references should not be something offensive and a professional knows this and will not have anything against giving you some names.

Who will own the application developed?

Since the developer works for you and you pay them, you or your company should be the one owning the finished product, that is, the mobile app. This is the normal thing to do, but just to make sure, you should ask the developer before hiring them and before they start working. This way, all the rights for the product you commissioned are yours. Sing a contract to this end, in order to avoid surprises and misunderstandings.


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