Useful Photoshop tips for beginners

Graphic design is not only about having a vision and a lot of creative ideas; it is also about using technology and mastering specialized programs. One of the most popular pieces of software used for editing digital images or creating and modifying new pictures is Photoshop, distributed by Adobe System. In most cases, this program is used by professional graphic designer, but if you have never had anything to do with this field you should not be discouraged, because fortunately there are plenty of tutorials and tools you can use in order to learn the basics and improve your Photoshop performance. Once you start understanding how things are going on, you will be amazed by how you can change the aspect of a picture by retouching its light, contrast and so on. You will eventually choose the technique you are most confident with, but before doing so, here are some things that will definitely help you learn faster and use the program more efficiently.


Make sure you use the correct settings

Once you have installed the software on your computer, make sure you have the correct settings, before starting to work. This means that you have to open the program, then go the menu called “Edit> Preferences” and change the settings for the section “Performance”. By doing this, you will adjust the manner in which the program works, depending on your computer’s specifications and your personal preferences.


The skin color is extremely important

Believe it or not, each picture has its own skin color, just as humans do, and it plays an important role for the success of the retouching. If you think that you have already chosen the perfect skin, but it does not look good after retouching, then you will also have to modify the general hue or saturation (this can be simply done by adding an adjusted layer). This will help you balance the colors, while maintain the natural aspect of the picture as well. In order to change the range of colors, you can use some eyedropper tools or the default adjustment sliders of the program. There are several options that you can use, because you can either modify all colors at the same time, wither select a new color range for the only color you want to change.


Use appropriate tools for beginners

As a beginner, you may find it difficult to do everything perfectly from the first attempt, which is why the best thing you could do is use some dedicated tools, such as a Photoshop color picker plugin. These instruments will help you make the best decisions: the color wheel, for instance, comes in very handy when it comes to hue and saturation. All you have to do is enter the value you think will look good on the image, or just move the indicator until you are pleased with the results. The wheel shows the degree of rotation (modification) from the original hue and saturation of the picture, so you can gradually see how the initial image changes.


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