To buy or not to buy LoL accounts

League of Legends has become an incredibly popular game among online players and there are plenty of forums, blogs and Internet resources dedicated to this MOBA game. It seems like everywhere you turn your head there is someone talking about LoL skins and accounts and Elo Hell and other such things, all discussions always being fiery. One topic that seems to be overly discussed lately is whether it’s wise or not to buy LoL account from different websites or platforms. There has been a lot of buzz around unranked League of Legends accounts, due to the fact that these can help players get out of certain divisions they are stuck in or advance through the game faster and easier. Furthermore, LoL accounts seem to come with significant amounts of Riot points and Influence points, which help the player even more.


Nevertheless, the discussions concerning whether or not it’s good and wise to buy a LoL account from the web are all focusing on one major aspect: is it safe? Many forums have brought to gamers’ attention all sorts of frauds and schemes meant to deceive players who want to purchase these accounts. For instance, some people will try to sell you their account, which is probably filled with points and skills, wait a certain period of time and then recover the account from Riot, which means you’ll get banned from the game permanently. It’s been known to happen, which is why buying from independent players is not a good idea. However, if you find a reliable platform that sells League of Legends accounts and offers you safe and transparent transactions, which you can prove afterwards, buying an unranked LoL account may be a great investment if you are really passionate about the game and want to progress more easily. Nonetheless, before you do that, make sure you read all the blogs and forums, all the reviews and feedback you can find on that platform, to make sure it’s a reliable one and that you don’t get cheated. The more information you get, the higher the chances of finding the right website to buy accounts from.


All things taken into account, the question is not whether it’s wise or safe to buy LoL account, but where to buy it from in order to be safe and to give you the advantage you want. The entire online gaming industry is gaining more and more ground and that fact will not change in the near future, nor will gamers’ desire of going to extra lengths in order to advance in their games and do better. The fact that they are willing to spend what can be significant amounts of money on LoL accounts or any other extras for any other games comes only to reinforce that statement. Therefore, the least they can do is take the time to research the market thoroughly and don’t get burned.

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