The importance of memory for mobile devices

In the past, people would always check certain technical specs before purchasing a PC or a laptop especially in terms of memory capabilities. It was a rule not to buy a PC unless it met certain requirements and you were sure it was powerful enough to handle all the operations you needed it to handle. The same rules should apply to smartphones shopping; because the latest mobile devices are expected to keep up with customers’ growing demands in terms of better applications, larger screens, more features, more advanced cameras and higher general performance. With the rapid advent of mobile operating systems and the introduction of more complex software, new technologies and comprehensive features, the components inside a smartphone should also be even more advanced to cope with all these demanding tasks. If the memory is simply too small, even though your smartphone does promise web browsing and high resolution video playing, things will not go as smoothly as you would like without a suitable hardware backup.

If you want your mobile device to end an application immediately when you touch the close button or you wish to check your Facebook or Twitter account without having to wait minutes for the page or its respective application to load, your smartphone needs to be equipped with an appropriate DRAM chip. For instance, a 2GB memory can handle all these operations without a sweat and developers think that in the near future, most smartphone will be launched with a 3GB DRAM memory chips. The impact the memory has on these types of devices is greatly felt at users’ end, because it can make the difference between a mobile phone that can handle a rapid succession of commands with flying colors and a “slow thinking” or “sluggish” device. Besides the fact that it affects the rapidity with which the device handles commands, the memory also helps you save battery power and upgrade your mobile phone to the latest operating system.


What exactly are the advantages you receive by purchasing a mobile device with a high density and performance memory? First of all, you can run more sophisticated software on your smartphone, if you pay attention to the memory it offers. The number of applications a normal person uses on their smartphone has been increasing in the last years, which means that multiple programs run on the background at the same time eating memory and making the device slower. If you do not have enough memory to cover the number of apps you wish or need to install, you will not enjoy using your smartphone as much. Because of the strain running apps have on the device, you would always have lag and blocking problems with it. More than that, better memories means bigger screens and more sophisticated cameras. Nowadays, people are looking for mobile devices with larger screens that have better resolutions, because they often use them to playback videos. All in all, memory greatly affects the way in which mobile devices work.

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