Hypnosis – a solution to dealing with computer addiction

Consuming alcoholic beverages and using drugs are largely considered enslaving behaviors, yet no one talks about computer addiction. Computer addiction is just as serious as any other dependence, so it should not be neglected. You are in danger of completely compromising your mental and physical health. If you are spending too much time away from the real world, it is necessary to take measures right away. However, what can you do? You need to try a solution that is quite out of the ordinary. More precisely, you should try hypnosis. Books such as those written by Marshall Sylver teach you how to get your life back.

Hypnosis as computer addiction treatment

Hypnosis is a great option for computer addicts because it provides them the motivation that they need in order get away from the computer screen. Actually, hypnosis is similar to the state that occurs when you are playing a game or watching a video online. To be more precise, you enter a state of full attention and concentration. What is important to stress is that this mental state is accompanied by a set of instructions and hints. Due to the fact that the changes take place over the unconscious mind, there are low chances that you will perform them when you are awake. Practically, hypnosis sessions help you break free from repetitive behavioral patterns.

What happens during a hypnosis session?

People imagine that by undergoing hypnosis they are transformed into puppets or something similar. You should not think that you will become a vampire or something similar. What happens is that you take a step back from reality. The hypnotist does nothing more than talk to you and encourage you to respond positively to certain suggestions. In other words, you will be awake when all this happens, so you should not worry that you will start acting like a bird. On the contrary, you simply experience some relaxation exercises.

Altering the way you feel about addiction

The great thing about hypnotherapy is that it makes you totally change your beliefs. If you allow the process to take place, you will see that you will not feel in the same way about computing ever again. Deep sleep has a significant impact on the brains chemicals, the result being that you will change your convictions. You will feel more confident as well. The lack of self-esteem is one of the main causes of addiction. When you are not happy with your life, you resort to temporary solutions. Thanks to hypnosis, this will not be the case.


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