Designing salon appointment software – UX mistakes to avoid

Being an app developer is not as easy as many people would think, since there are several important facets that need to be taken into consideration in order to obtain the perfectly designed app.  Nowadays, many owners of beauty salons are looking for specialists that have vast experience in the domain, that are professionals and reliable and that can provide them with the salon appointment software that would make their business successful. Here are some useful UX tips that are meant to help you, as a developer, provide your clients the app they need and the best results.


Not making the app compatible for different devices

It is highly important to start the process of designing an app keeping in mind that it has to be compatible with different types of devices, including smartphones, tablets and even desktops. Migrating from mobile to web without considering redesigning for the user experience is a huge mistake many beginner developers are prone to make. The app has to fit the size of the screen in order to make it easier for salon customers to book appointments using that app.

Not making it compatible for both iOS and Android

Experts in this domain agree to the fact that there are some significant differences between iOS and Android devices and when designing a mobile app for salon booking the developer has to ensure the app is compatible on both types of devices in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening and to make more customers happy. iOS devices provide only one home button, whereas Android comes with two more besides the home button one, and those are the return and recents buttons, so you would have to design a return button for iOS devices.


Nearly all mobile users expect immediate response to their actions when using a mobile app and especially when it comes to salon appointment software, because they are probably using the app while on the move or multitasking. If for any second they feel confused whether they have pressed that button or not, there are chances users disengage with the app they are using and focus on other things they are doing at the same time. It might even happen to stop using that app and resort to another similar one that works better and faster than the one designed by you, so make sure the app runs smoothly and provides high performance.

User confusion

When designing the mobile application, you have to make sure you do not offer a confusing interface that will make users drop off the app and come back to it later, because in most cases they will not come back to it again. It is recommended to use popular icons that are easy to recognize and maintain the same common places for placing the buttons that everyone is used to. Since it is a salon booking app, you should think of methods to indicate people they did certain actions, such as turning the booking button a different shade or color after clicking it. Make user experience friendly and responsive.

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