Choosing salon software – important features to consider

Undoubtedly, technology has revolutionized the corporate world and the society in general. Thus, running a business nowadays, regardless of its type and size, without software is a risk that you should not deliberately take. Clients have increased their expectations and standards so if you do not want to remain behind or lose your position on the market, you have to step up your game, more specifically, improve business management. Software salon provides many benefits by facilitating your tasks and operations, taking customer service to another level and consequently, helping you gain more profit, which represents the main objective of any business owner. Nobody can deny the utility of this wonderful invention but the next question inevitably arises: how do you choose the right software for your salon? After all, you are a hair professional not an IT junkie. Well, as long as you know the current situation and the needs of your business, you should not concern yourself with the selection process. When evaluating different options, you have to look for features that address your goals.

Inventory tracking

When running a salon, you probably struggle with inventory tracking, appointment scheduling, client follow up and payment processing, among others. If you ever received complaints regarding one or more of these areas, you have to enhance your business efficiency. Starting with inventory tracking, you are probably aware that counting the products manually represents a waste of time and increases the possibility of human error. With salon software, you not only benefit from transparency of your product count, but you also have constant access to your inventory so you can assess the stock level of each product as well as contacting your suppliers when needed.

Appointment scheduling

Furthermore, appointment scheduling no longer represents a hassle with salon scheduling software because you can view each client’s appointment and its status by effortlessly introducing his name. In addition, you can send confirmations or reminders via text or e-mail. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone meaning that you make sure that customers do not miss an appointment and you make them feel important by maintaining a positive relationship based on communication. Salon software even allows you to remember every client’s allergies and preferences in terms of hairstyle as well as occupation so you can always start a conversation when coming for a session.

Staff management

Apart from client retention and satisfaction, you also need to track your employees’ performance, attendance and punctuality. This will help you determine their productivity and passion for the job. As a result, if you do not want to compromise the future of your business, you can decide to let go of some employees and hire others more trained, experienced and ambitious. Furthermore, you can use the appointment book in order to create schedules for your staff including days off and holidays. Taking into account salaries, attendance and commissions, salon software enables you to calculate payroll. We all know that working with numbers can be quite difficult and tricky so this represents a big advantage.

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