Boost the Volume up With Klipsch Gig

Since smartphones have become so common and people have become so accustomed to using them for various purposes, there has also been a rise in gadgets, software and generally adjacent technology that pushes their uses even further. Now we all know that one of the most common uses for smartphones is listening to music, especially since we have mobile access to digital music libraries like Deezer and especially for people in their second youth, who are not so up to date with all the functionalities of a gadget. For example, if you know your mom to enjoy listening to her music while doing Yoga in the living room or cooking or even while doing laundry, then Bluetooth speakers make a unique gadget gift for mom. This unlimited access to music or movies had led smartphones to be used in various social situations, but even though their technology is advanced enough, sound quality is still not perfectly rendered. For those who really want to turn their handheld devices into true music speakers, Bluetooth speakers like the Klipsch Gig have been created.

Speaking of sound quality, the past years have given audiophiles plenty of reasons to be happy. Bluetooth speakers were famously known for their average to low sound quality, but now this issue has been fixed. The latest gadgets of this type come with surround quality and higher end devices such as floating speakers also deliver flawless 360 sound, so that you can enjoy your music from any angle. Reviews from sites such as show that Bluetooth speakers are better than ever before and you are no longer restricted to just a few options.

Of course Klipsch Gig is not the first and only Bluetooth speaker on the market, but it is definitely the smallest, so from this point of view it’s easiest to carry around. The creators also managed to give it a very interesting and modern minimalist design as well. The speaker is compact and sturdy, and it can even be manipulated through a band which is removable to stand in various positions, so you can adjust the direction of the sound to your liking. This band is also meant to protect the speaker while you’re not using it, and it comes in various colors that you can choose from. Before anyone gets too excited, the Klipsch Gig is still quite expensive at $200, but for some users, such as those who travel a lot, it can be a very useful tool.

As far as it’s capabilities go, the Klipsch Gig can be used as a speaker, which makes it great for business conferences or long-distance interaction in general. Otherwise, it can be used on smartphones that have AptX support or NFC features. Although in all honesty, this isn’t the best quality speaker you will find out there, and it’s base quality is not that great, Klipsch still managed to make a pretty decent product.

We can’t but to be excited about its compact and almost elegant design which is, in our opinion, much better than with competing products. Even the control buttons are streamlined and incorporated into the design, so they don’t ruin the overall design. The power button is located on the top of the speaker, but it moves to the left if you place the speaker flatly. That is also where the Bluetooth devices is located, as well as the Micro-USB port that allows you to charge it. Finally, one of the best features of this product is its autonomy, which makes it last for up to 12 hours; quite enough for a party or a long trip, wouldn’t you say?

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