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Designing the perfect display board project might be quite a demanding task, not to mention that there are some important facets that need to be taken into consideration. Nearly every high school or college student agrees to this fact. One of the things that the student has to deal with is finding a display board that has the right size for the project. It is recommended to do some research online and take a look on websites such as if you want some high quality boards that suit any needs and budget. Here are some useful tips for a better display board project.


Plan your board properly

Before even writing or drawing schemes on the board, it is advisable to establish how the project should look like. Take a piece of paper and draw a miniature version of your board project in order to have a clearer idea upon how it would look like and whether it would fit your board or not.

Keep size limitations in mind

Another aspect you should consider when starting this project is the size limitations of your display board. If you believe the standard size of a board is not enough for all the information you want to present, you can connect two or three boards together in order to obtain a bigger one. However, make sure the board is not too tall and does not contain too much information crowded in only one or two places.

The title is the key

As in every presentation, the title is the key. You need to think of a title that is representative for the project and that comprises all the information in only a few words. Make sure it is big enough and you place it somewhere visible, so it would attract your audience’s attention from the very beginning.

Headlines and subheads are also important

Even though you have come up with the best title for your project, you can still include headlines and subheads on your board. This will make your project look more organized. Headlines and subheads have the purpose of providing the audience better understanding of what the project is actually about as well as some hints on what you will talk about next in your presentation. Make sure they are as relevant as the title of the project.

More about the font size

As it was previously mentioned, the title should be big enough, since it is that part of the project that catches the audience’s attention first. However, the other elements should be clearly readable too, because if your text is too small, there are high chances your audience will not manage to take in the information you present. Keep in mind that the title, the headlines and the subheads should have different sizes in order to be easily distinguishable.

Good quality materials

No matter how well established your project is, if you do not use good quality materials, you might not be able to impress your audience. Make sure the display board, the writing tools and other items you are about to use to build your project are the best ones.

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