Bespoke Adhesives for Manufacturing – Your Questions Answered 


Now more than ever, manufacturing businesses across the country are exploring both the properties and the potential benefits of switching to custom adhesive products. In particular, 3M preferred converters in the UK and noting a distinct uptick in both activity and orders, coming primarily from the manufacturing sector but also dozens of other key industry areas.  Traditional joining and bonding processes are being walked away from at an astonishing pace, which isn’t particularly difficult to understand when considering the benefits of the alternative.

The problem being that it can be difficult to decide on and implement what may appear to be a relatively radical change, should the way you are going about things right now be getting the job done just fine.  The thing is though, this is the kind of switch that is geared towards making things better – business-wide benefits from which there’s really no going back.

So to help guide the decisions of those who may be considering taking the plunge but aren’t yet entirely convinced, what follows is a selection of the most commonly asked questions on the subjects and their respective answers:

Q – Why are custom adhesives considered beneficial?

First up, custom adhesive products and beneficial for dozens of reasons, which are summarised in that all important word…custom.  When a product like this is customised imprecise accordance with your own preferences, requirements and working environment, the results can and will be a product that is uniquely capable, reliable and cost-effective.  The simple fact of the matter is that when you pick up anything for your business that is a generic, off-the-shelf product, it hasn’t been designed with your needs and your business in mind.  Instead, you are simply settling for what’s available, as opposed to the best.

Q – What aspects of the adhesive can be customised?

In the simplest of terms, pretty much anything and everything. Whatever it takes to create the ideal adhesive for your business, a quality manufacturing partner can make it happen.  Customisation options include things like the strength of the bond, how quickly the bond reaches its full strength, permanence or otherwise of the bond, compatibility with materials, application method, shape/size of the adhesive tape and so on. You can literally start out with a blank drawing board and create the perfect adhesive for your needs – right down to the way it looks, the packaging it is supplied in and so on.

Q – Where can custom adhesive products be useful?

Generally speaking, in absolutely any instance where two or more materials/surfaces need to be joined.  These days, high quality adhesive products are routinely being brought in to take the place of things like screws, nuts, bolts, brackets and even welding.  Not only can the right adhesive provide bonding performance that is just as strong and reliable, but it can also be easier to work with, safer to work with, cheaper to work with and more efficient on the whole.  In any instance where traditional or mechanical fixings would usually be used, it is definitely worth considering custom adhesives.

Q – Aren’t all adhesives technically the same?

In a word, no.  Quite to the contrary, pretty much every adhesive product on the market is fundamentally different.  That said, most generic adhesives do follow a relatively similar basic formula.  Despite what their respective manufacturers may have used think, there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all adhesive. At least, not if you’d prefer not to use the product which excels in some areas, though is absolutely useless (or perhaps even dangerous) in others.

Q – Are custom adhesive products expensive to buy?

Costs should be considered in relative terms, with regard to the overall value for money you can expect.  While it may be true to say that a custom adhesive product is likely to be more expensive than a generic store-bought adhesive, what you get for your money is a product that really is not in the same classification as its counterpart.  Not only this, but you may also be looking at a product that is going to speed up your company’s production process, improve efficiency and lower operational costs in general.  So even if the initial purchase price does come across as comparatively expensive, you may find it offers value for money you cannot afford to pass up.

Q – Where can I buy custom adhesives?

Last up, while there are plenty of third-party resellers and middlemen currently showcasing and selling the products of custom adhesive manufacturers, it always pays to go directly to the manufacturer itself.  The simple fact of the matter being that if you would prefer the lowest prices, the most outstanding customer service and the simplest procurement process, buying direct is always the best option in all areas of business.



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