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Riot’s League of Legends (LOL) was released in October 2008 and has become the most played game in the world over the years with more than 27 million players logging in every day. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game was inspired from War Craft III: The Frozen Throne and it is free to play. Its popularity has brought the developers of this online game not only fame, but also money through micro transactions. Riot Games founders, Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, made the game free of charge as a new marketing strategy which worked very well considering the fact that at that point gamers had to pay more than fifty dollars to play a PC or console game. By using the original DotA as a starting point and adding their own spin to the story, adding characters and changing the gameplay, the developers of League of Legends apparently discovered the recipe towards success.

This insanely popular game allows players to choose and control one of the 118 champions available such as Riven, Silver Kayle, Twisted Fate, Tryndamere, Sivir and Garen. The purpose of the game is to let users battle against other players in the arena within bot battler and even PvP. League of Legends champions can be classified into assassin, support or tank class, so players can choose their characters depending on their preferred gameplay style. In order to gain levels in this online game, you need to kill other champions preferably from opposing teams.

They can be controlled either by other players or by bots, but you will also have to face minions that spawn regularly. The classic game mode has a simple map with three lanes where minions usually spawn and attack. Between these lanes there is a safe area where only players spawn and this is also the region where gamers can purchase the items they need or want. Depending on the type of champion you choose, assassin, support or tank, you will also be assigned to a different lane, because champions tend to battle against each other based on their class.


League of Legends is a fun game to play with your friends and this also explains its high popularity. In order to become victorious on the classic map, you need to destroy your enemy’s last standing structure on the entire map. Earning money in League of Legends can be done passively, with each second in the game a little amount of gold will be added into players’ accounts, or more aggressively by attacking and giving the final blow to your enemies, destroying their structures and killing monsters in the jungle area. If you wish to gain additional features, the League of Legends Store sells options in exchange for Riot Points and Influence Points. While the latter can be earned during the game, Riot Points need to be bought and this is what we call micro-transactions. If you wish to have a rare special skin for your Silver Kayle champion for instance, you can also visit specialized online platforms such as lol-skins.com and purchase the skin directly from there.

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